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January 2018

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all of our supporters who wrapped up the year with financial encouragement!  Asking for financial support isn’t my favorite thing to do but necessary to move ahead and continue this outreach. Every contribution of time, prayer, or material is also key to Reach & Restore!  It is such an amazing thing to see God provide big and small needs over and over again.

There are local churches who have come together in creative ways to meet physical needs. It is a joy to be connected to a community full of caring people!

Many are asking how it’s going and to be honest, this month has been a heavy one.  There have been 5 of our volunteers and a few clients who have had a loved one pass away within the last week or so! We are thankful to have Grief Support available on Thursdays each week at no cost.  If you or someone you know needs support through a loss of any kind, please come.  It is a small, confidential, caring atmosphere for healing.

GRIEF and LOSS SUPPORT   Thursdays at 2pm  at Reach & Restore     FREE

1415  5th St S, Hopkins MN 55343