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March 2018

Where is this year going?  Where are pots and pans, socks and jeans going?  Out our door!

Here are some of our current needs:

Pots and Pans, Kitchen Utensils, Can openers, Mixing bowls, Drinking Glasses, Microwaves (not older than 7 years), Coffee makers

Men’s Jeans, Socks and Underwear for men and women, large/XL Bras, and Socks and small Underwear for boys

Adult Male Bike -in safe working order

Lamps and End Tables

Small Kitchen Tables

TV Trays

DVD Players

Clocks/Clock Radios

Items can be dropped off at our Hopkins address during our open hours.

We could also use your help letting people in the community know about our other offerings.  They are available to anyone who needs them.  ALL FREE!

LIFE COACH   Call for setting up appointment

ART THERAPY     Tuesdays 10am-11:30

THIRD THURSDAYS -JOB Search Tips/Skills  3pm  By Appointment

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY  Wednesdays  10:30 and 6:30

GRIEF GROUP   Thursdays  2-3:30

WOMENS RECOVERY (hurts, habits, addiction- anything)  Thursdays 4-5pm

MEN’S Bible Study and Recovery Group-  Contact us for info

HAIRCUTS- by appointment (for clients)