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Volunteer Opportunities

Reach & Restore relies totally on volunteers to run this non-profit ministry. We depend entirely on the services offered from the community, the church, and individuals like you for support.

There are many roles to play and a variety of ways for you to be involved in reaching out and restoring hope to those around us:

  • Life Guards:  Members of our core group who receive referrals, coordinate and organize the opportunities for crews, and support Life Preservers
  • Life Preservers: Members of our team who are the direct contact and relationship builders with those in need.  These folks get their support from our Life Guards and other crew members.
  • Delivery Crew: People available and able to transport items with their truck or trailer.
  • Service Crew: Handy persons and others willing to do odd jobs or use specialized skills.
  • Support Crew:  Everyone who prays, encourages, or donates their time, requested items, or provides financial support.

If you feel yourself being called to serve please contact us today.

Financial Contributions

Reach & Restore is a non-profit ministry run exclusively by volunteers and dependent on support from the community, the church, and individuals like you. Because we are employee-free, we can devote all financial contributions toward the continuation and expansion of Reach & Restore.

You can be assured that your contribution will be used to change someone’s life during a time of struggle. Whether it be by furnishing an apartment for a family, or by providing clothing for growing children, each life will be given hope to move forward and receive prayer support by R&R volunteers.

Donating to Reach & Restore, Inc. is easy and tax deductible!

By Mail (send a check)
Reach & Restore, Inc.
4737 County Road 101, #220
Minnetonka, MN 55345

Financial contributions can be made through the safety and security of PayPal.

100% of your donation will go to Reach and Restore.

Donate Now

How We Work

Reach and Restore is not intended to be a traditional “collect and distribute” ministry.  Each person or family will be personally contacted.

Based on this direct interaction with the individuals, a list of needs will be compiled.  That list will then be presented to people with potential resources.  When the item or service is located it will be delivered, or connected, to the individual or family by Reach and Restore.

Follow-up contacts will be made to make sure the needs of the individual or family are being met and to continue the caring relationship.