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February 20, 2008

The past few weeks have displayed many examples of Christ’s body working together for His glory. A few from our crew helped a family clean their apt. in preparation of a new baby. The mother was overwhelmed and depressed before the first visit a few months ago and now seems to be more mentally ready to move forward after the three visits from our crew. She even accepted prayer before leaving! 

Followed up with a woman who was given help moving before Christmas. She is really motivated to work on her personal goals of quitting smoking etc. She is going to counseling and desires to attend church, just lacks transportation and is bit nervous about going alone. She is looking forward to some home visits that will be focused on praying for her. Last week R&R helped her bring her cat into the vet for shots. Her cat is her best friend and this meant the world to her.  Please pray for continued commitment towards her personal goals and praise God for this wonderful opportunity and friendship!

One of the deliveries made a few weeks ago was pretty incredible. The family had been without a home since 2002!  They had been living in shelters, friends’ homes, their car etc. and now have their own rental. They are so excited about their new start and the household items that were donated that they are having an open house for their friends to celebrate!  The mom reported they have everything they need and they finally have a home that feels like a home. Everything matched too.  The high school boys were putting the computer right to use as they had homework to complete that week!  “Unbelievable” they said.  Thank you for all who contribute to this ministry! Praise God.

A follow up to another move we helped with is really positive too.  This was just a move but the single mom is so so thankful for all of the help. Her son is now attending a youth program in the area and they want to try Sunday church too. Her son needs a new mattress set which we are working on-the springs are poking through.  

A referral was made by a donation source too. A friend of her sister who just got home from the hospital from having her first baby and the father had taken most of their things out of their place while she was in the hospital!  She needed a crib and basic baby items and someone to talk to.  We had a portable crib in storage and added some baby essentials. The new mom was very encouraged and thankful for everything. She will be moving at the end of the month because she can’t afford the rent herself. R&R is helping her search for an affordable 1 bedroom place and will be providing some basic furniture when she moves. She is sleeping on an air mattress currently.  She is a ray of sunshine and a really sweet new friend. She has been touched by grace and is seeing God’s love first hand. Please pray for her as she is healing and must now figure out how to make it on her own.

We have a referral/request for furniture for a family from a school in the area. We’ve been looking for mattresses for them too. Two mattresses were found on line= no boxsprings. God is so amazing.

When the mattresses were picked up the lady said,”I’m sorry they aren’t the same length. I probably should have told you before”.  It was perfect. R&R had one regular box spring and one extra long box spring sitting in storage!  So now we’ve got two complete sets for this family. There have been numerous times when God has reminded us that we don’t need to worry= he provides!

An R&R friend will be helping with our church musical this spring. He has sound experience and it’s wonderful to involve him in a church activity. Please pray that he will be touched by the message of the play the children are doing as he listens. He was assisted with a loan for keeping his car insurance current yesterday. He said we were the only place he knew to turn to for help and was SO relieved to receive it. Sometimes God stretches us right on the spot!   

A social worker requested a small couch for a family who is deaf. A delivery crew member and woman from our church who knows how to sign, delivered a donated couch together. It was incredible to have communication for all involved. Praise God for the hands and feet of Christ to bless others in need as a team!

Something as simple as doing laundry…we sure take for granted. A family received laundry detergent  from R&R this week.

R&R received a donation of dressers from an area senior housing complex. They were going to be thrown out due to a remodel. A woman who worked there made the connection with us and now they will be used by a number of R&R families in the future. Praise God!

Thank you to all who keep this ministry in prayer!