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March 25,2008

He Is Risen!  He brings HOPE to the weary and LIFE to those who seek Him!  We are all thankful for the opportunities and results!

A homeless man received a bed for his newly rented apartment.

A woman who has arthritis in her back received a different couch that gives her much more support. Her used couch was delivered to her daughter to help her out.

The woman who had her baby found a different apartment and was given the household items and furniture she needed to start over. It was beautiful to see everything come together for her. She has now started attending church with the lady who referred her to us which is in the area of her new place.  

The boy who needed a safe replacement mattress set was helped.  He is still attending the youth outreach program every week and his mom desires to attend church with him in the near future.

A family of 5 was given beds, furniture and household items with the help of our delivery crew.

A few families were connected to resources in their areas.

A single mom who moved to a different apartment in the area due to an assault at the last apt. building, received a bed and bedding.

A family of 9 is being served this week who is new to the area. We’ve delivered 3 beds, a couch and table with some kitchen things so far. We’re searching for kitchen chairs and a few more twin beds. Without transportation, it’s nearly impossible to get to the food shelf and back with that much food.  Their food was ready and was picked up and delivered with the donated Easter Baskets for the kids. Quite an amazing experience. Before leaving, the 9th grader asked if there was a church van picking up kids for youth group!  We’ll be making sure this happens and possibly opens the door for the rest of them to connect with others in the area.

A lady who is going through foreclosure was given organization help last week. It was so amazing to see the difference in her between the beginning and end of the project.  She was so stuck before we arrived and now sounds so free!  Little did she know that the realtor was coming and putting the home on the market in two days!  She said,” people are coming over to my house! You did such a great job. You gave me initiative to get it done. Thank you!”  She wants to attend church now.  It is so sad what depression can do to a person!  Jesus brings hope through people who serve!

There are surely people that haven’t been mentioned but currently, we are scheduled to give a bike to a woman who has no transportation, and help two families move this week.

Please Pray about an opportunity for Reach & Restore to expand the ministry. The Lord has opened a door and we will listen!   The financial scope seems impossible but we know and have proof that God provides for His will to be done -so we trust and obey!  All responses to the vision have been positive.  Only God can put all the people and pieces into place.

Thank you for supporting your community and serving the Risen King!